MPPT Solar Power Conditioning Unit (PCU)

MPPT Solar Power Conditioning Unit (PCU)

Range- 700VA to 15KVA

K-Win MPPT Solar Inverter comes with an in-built high efficiency MPPT solar charge controller. Just like K-Win inverters, K-Win MPPT inverters can also power the house load directly from solar power without using battery power or grid power.

K-Win MPPT inverters are easy to install and highly efficient. The auto-features make sure that the inverter automatically switches to solar & battery mode as soon as there is a power cut. K-Win MPPT is designed to offer great flexibility in user operation. Inbuilt LCD screen and menu buttons allow you to customize voltage range, charging priority and battery charging current. You can also monitor operating status and power information on the LCD display.

Sailent Features

  • High Power-factor.
  • Pure sine wave inverter with 93% peak efficiency.
  • In-built MPPT solar charge controller .
  • Generates 25-30% more power than our standard PWM model.
  • Selectable input voltage range based on appliances.
  • Overload and short circuit protection.
  • Compatible with mains voltage and generator power.
  • Advanced charging algorithm for improved battery performance.

On Grid Inverter

PV on-grid rooftop solar power system is one of the most popularly used solar solutions for houses and commercial establishments. Grid-tie solar, also known as on-grid, works in connection with the main grid. It offers the advantage of running load directly through solar and selling excess solar power back to electricity company by feeding the grid.

Grid-tie inverters have high efficiency of more than 97%, guarantee reliability, and are meant for India’s harsh weather conditions. Packed with superb features they let you make ROI in just 3 years – yes, you can recover the cost of the system in only 3 years.

Features of PV Grid Tie Inverters:

  • Equipped with Latest MPPT Technology Which Guarantees 97% Efficiency
  • Make Even More Solar Power With The Help Of Dual MPPT
  • Meant for Tough Hi-Frequency and Transformer-less Design
  • LCD Screen to Monitor Performance Conditions
  • Minimum Maintenance & Easy To Install
  • Transformer-Less design and compact in size
  • Ip65 Industrial protection class
  • MPPT efficiency >99%
  • Maximum efficiency >98%